Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Head Space - FOD time

I recall giggling to myself when Jeremy Kedian asks a room full of leaders how much time do you block in your week for FOD time.  We all innocently asked what is FOD time?  Why it is Foot on Desk Time!  Jeremy has a valid point how often do we free ourselves and engage in a most valuable pursuit meaningfully?  He did not mean the incidentally caught time e.g driving from A to B.  The busyness all too often 'drives out the important'  Hamel et al
What importance do you place on this reflection time.  As many suggest it is reflecting on what worked and didn't work so well that true learning results. 

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artichoke said...

Cicero baggsed the idea way before Kedian ...

Numquam se minus otiosum esse quam cum otiosus, nec minus solum quam cum solus esset

Never less idle than when wholly idle, nor less alone than when wholly alone.
--Cicero, "De Officiis," III, 1.