Friday, April 30, 2010

ITSC 2010 - 2 Day Conference

Flexible display technology
Mobile devices

6 design Principles of 21st Century

"The predominant technology determines the predominant learning task in the classroom" Alan Kay

Engagement, Learning, iphone

Take a look at this as an example of engagement. How does one harness this in the classroom?

Engagement, Learning, iphone from Stonefields School on Vimeo.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Powerful Professional Learning

I experienced an incredibly powerful professional learning session today facilitated by John Edwards. He shared a new model he has been developing on Productive Feedback. The session was facilitated in such a way that there was considerable input (new information) however chunks of time were taken in between each input, to dialogue, question and role play to make meaning of what had been presented with colleagues.
The connections to the hub of the powerful learning model became obvious as I reflected about the day. I am convinced less in more and going deep through utilising the hub is paramount in cementing new learning.
A great day!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Google Docs - Right tool for Primary Education?

I have been working between two platforms (mac and PC) over the last couple of months. The usual hurdles have been encountered - not being able to open office 2007 on my mac, backing up each computer to ensure the hard drive is up to date and I can access the documents as and when I need to.
This prompted me to give google docs a real go. For someone very comfortable in the use of Microsoft Office for a number of years I have been pleasantly surprised just how good it is. I can share the same document amongst many folders, share the document with whom I want and collaborate on documents when the need arises. It doesn't matter what platform or software I have as it all sits on the web. As long as the connection is good I can access my docs anytime, anywhere!
In thinking about IT solutions for Mt Wellington School it seems a very good option.
Anyone giving it a go in their schools?