Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Learning Management Systems

I believe much consideration, time, thought and dialogue needs to happen around the functionality and role of an LMS, the reason being it is an essential tool in realising many schools dreams around personalising learning. In a permissionable, secure environments schools have the potential to meet the needs of all stake holders. Learners, teachers and parents. Attached is a draft outline of how such an environment might look and function.
Importantly the learner needs to be at the centre encouraging ownership of his or her learning. In order for students to experience s-t-r-e-t-c-h and continue to be motivated we need to collaborate to build on the national innitiatives of the Numeracy Project and Literacy progressions to create progressions in learner speak. I see these progressions as being the overarching unbrella in which digital learning objects, web based games and content is linked to specific learning intentions.

There is nothing more delightful than a 6 year old running up to you with their writing book saying 'Look I achieved my goal'. I was on the simile rocket and look I can use similes in my writing. When quizzed on what a simile was I was told that it is when something is like something!' What is your next learning step I ask? Off she went to the wall where there was a picture of herself sitting on the next rocket learning goal. This individual was 6 - she was in charge of her learning!
An LMS is the perfect environment for these progressions that can be reflected on - clicked - automated dating and the next click links to possbile resources to support the learner with their next step, as and when needed. that learning might take place at home or school or gran's.
Children are our best advocates in teaching and sharing with our parent community what learning is all about in this 21st century.

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