Thursday, March 11, 2010

Planning for Powerful Learning

During a visit to Point England School at the end of 2009 Dorothy Burt inspired some thinking around a planning process she had been using with teachers within her Manaiakalani Cluster. It showed how a child created digital learning object can often live months after it's creation when placed in a blog, google site or wiki where it has potential to be commented on.
We have been grappling with how best to plan for powerful learning for some time, this motivated me to think about whether we could create something similar around our own powerful learning process.
The plan above is our first go at planning to activate thinking and learning experiences at different stages of the process.


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Sarah, Thanks very much for posting this framework. I am intrigued to see how you have taken a kernel of an idea and fleshed it out in your own Powerful Learning context. It certainly gives me some 'next steps' direction for working with the Manaiakalani team. Hope you don't mind if I share this with our next Lead Teacher's group. All the best. Dorothy

Sarah Martin said...

Hi Dorothy, many thanks for your comment. Go ahead and share , thanks for jogging the idea in the first place. Keen to continue to collaborate and see where this could end up. Sarah