Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Future Dispositions Required?

What Core skills do we need to develop in our students to ensure they are future fit?
The team enjoyed a reflective and provocative session with Jeremy Kedian today. The following core skills were deemed essential
*Ability to communicate – interpersonal skills
*Need to develop entrepreneurial skills
*Managing here and now and future. Know how to learn and be equipped with a process of learning
*Adaptability, attitudinal open mindedness

What are your thoughts? What should we be equipping our students with?
We were challenged by a colleague recently to think about the language that had started to emerge within the team to highlights what we stand for and believe in. Interesting as a team how often the words 'mindfulness' and 'learner centred' have bubbled up today. Fascinating observing this shared language emerge quite organically.


Paul Seiler said...

Resilience is one we have been talking about for our 2.5 year old (although at times we wish he was slower to bounce back).


room2student said...

I agree. Especially with being adaptive.

From my experience these are the most important 21st Century skills:

In no particular order:

*attitude (actually that's 1st)
*communication (listening/speaking being the most important)
*the ability to articulate their learning... not what they're doing.
Chris (pasadena)