Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great food for thought! Go Sir Ken

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Anonymous said...

-whaddyagottado to get your comments passed the moderator around here?

Did you not approve my comment because it was negative, or am I just paranoid -and it just got lost amongst the spam??

If the former, that's a shame but no biggie. People who skulk about making anonymous comments and identifying themselves by initials only do not enjoy the same rights to free speech as those who stand tall and allow their identities to be sucked into the googlebot.

Are you going to the "inspired impact" conference Sarah Martin? I am not a teacher and had never heard of it until I read the comment from Paul above) -but it sounds like fun! I thought I might go. I will introduce myself if you are there. [ I will be reading a newspaper and will have a blue hankerchief in my pocket... ;-) ]

But re brave, brave Sir Ken -I figure that you or I could have made that TED presentation. Perhaps not with the cool laconic delivery, but we could have hit the main points. I certainly agree with his argument (and I am filled with guilt and sending my kids off to the nice primary school down the road) -BUT it just didn't seem a particularly novel statement (especially to the TED crowd).

The comments on his books on Amazon make interesting reading. Perhaps I am seeing what I want to see, but it strikes me that the people who love his stuff (the majority) are enthralled (to use Sir Ken's word) by his message alone. The critics seem like me, they find his stuff a bit empty. They don't want a list of his famous rich friends, and tales of how marvellous they are -they want to know about how *they* can live more creatively and "find their element".

Personally, I need to be less creative, and more disciplined -so I will shut up now, and go do some work.