Monday, May 11, 2009

Life's Awakening Moments - Testing Times!

What a couple of fustrating weeks it has been. As you can see from the last post I have not blogged for some time. Interestingly this has not been due to not having time or procrastinating. I had my computer gear and internet connection stolen. Gutting to say the least - especially being a vigilent individual at backing up, the darlings stole that too. The hard drive itself may fetch $50 on some dodgy second hand sales site however the photos, songs, memories and personal work from the last decade gone in a flash - priceless to me. Well one can wallow in the sorrow for a wee while however one learns quickly that it doesn't solve much either. Lesson number one - don't store your hard drives and computer gear together. Duplicate backups and store in another dwelling maybe.
I count ones lucky stars, if it wasn't for the web the wonderings on this blog would be lost too!
I guess I continue to realise in some of life's trying times that these are the very experiences as hard as they can be sometimes that cause the most learning.
Am happy to be blogging again - I have missed it!

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