Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shifting Mental Models

Have been wondering about the best way to shift mental models. Some say it can take years, others say change the belief and the practice will change. Am not so sure. Often it is the change in practice that leads to the change in a belief. At the moment I am sitting on the fence. I am giggling to myself as I write this as typically I am not a fence sitter! Maybe I should elaborate some more. I have come to thinking that it depends on the individual. Some need the nudge to change practice and the change in belief follows others need the philosopical debate and dialogue to be convinced and hence the change in practice follows.

This whole topic was brought to the fore this week as I met with a parent who was not happy with the amount of homework her son was receiving. She said he needed more spelling lists and should be putting words in sentences to see if he could comprehend. I sat there reflecting on the spot that the individual before me had an understanding of how things should be done based on how she was educated. Yes things have moved along considerably since then. How does one reasure such an indivdual convinced that the way she was schooled was the best way. I don't believe that can be achieved in a 30 minute meeting. Yes a challenge for someone who personally wonders about the value of homework full stop in the primary years! They will hit it one day, just let them be kids. All good food for thought.

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