Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leadership - Good to verbalise beliefs

I have spent a bit of time over the weekend putting a leadership presentation together for a conference in a few weeks time. What a refreshing exercise to have to simple articulate ones beliefs about leadership. I mentioned in a previous blog titled 'Leadership - No recipe' that there is no right way to lead. Agree anyone can lead and leadership is developed, you don't need to be born a leader to lead. I do believe however that there are more effective leaders than others. I have been puzzling over what it is indeed that exceptional leaders do? What is it about Ghandi that makes him such a great leader? The quotes embedded in the draft presentation have been inspiring. I hope you too enjoy. 'Leadership is a pursuit with no end. One learns and evolves with ones leadership practice, the ultimate to influence to create even greater leaders and people than one self' Sarah Martin

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