Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Professional Learning for Staff - Hitting the sweet spot

What a neat day we have had today. It's been a big one, all go and extremely refreshing. The day started this morning at 7.45 with the beginning of the Professional Learning for staff. The day started with some sharing from staff about our recent Student Led Conferences which from all accounts proved to be a huge success. The comments from the staff who trialled the initiative were enlightening - they talked about the empowerment of students and students having to take responsibility.
The main focus of the professional learning day was around our Powerful Learning process. A big part of the learning was about how to design learning to get at the 'sort it' and 'Use it' thinking. We discussed how often the consolidation tasks students are sent off to complete are practice or tasks that remain at the knowledge building or 'get it' stage. We discussed how the Powerful Learning Process enables learning across curriculum levels. It was highlighted that we have maybe miss led students by talking about science, technology and social studies being Powerful Learning.
The delivery of the day went historically over the 4 years of development that took place to arrive at where we are with our current model. This was important to highlight the change initiatives and the ahas along the way. Some deep learning has occurred by strategically trialling the process in classes and coming together to dialogue, critique and refine.

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