Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Educating Parents - Getting the Balance Right

I had a pleasant afternoon today welcoming around 15 new parents to our school with Shirley. Their children were on their 3rd of 4 preschool visits and it was our turn to talk about the school vision and how things are 'done around here'. The highlight of the afternoon would have been listening to 2 of our students share their view on the value of the vision and unpacking what it meant to them as learners. As I intently listened to each child's words it was clear these children were speaking from their heart and that indeed the vision lives within them. They showed a depth of understanding of how they use quite intangible learning dispositions such as reflects, makes connections etc.
I feel satisfied that we seem to be getting the balance about right. We are certainly building key knowledge and understandings that students need to know to make sense of their world and be able to learn on their own, this to is kept in equilibrium by the emphasis placed on building each learners learning capacity.
I felt satisfied walking away from our session together today that we are getting better at communicating the importance of getting this balance right with parents.


Manaiakalani said...

Sounds like you have the foundations there for getting the balance right - a school that has a vision the students have embraced AND parents who are prepared to make 4 visits to the school prior to their kids starting!

Sarah Martin said...

Am excited to see that you are coming up to present at our TOD. You really got me thinking when we visited.