Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pt England School = Deep, Engaging Learning

I left Pt England School this morning looking at my watch in disbelief. The time had flown. In the 2 and a half hours spent there, I was totally absorbed by watching and talking to students about their learning. The depth of learning and engagement was to say the least, impressive. We were warmly welcomed by Dorothy and Russell and then bowled over by an address from six year 6 students passionate about sharing how they had been using different e learning tools in their classrooms.
As a partnership both Russel and Dorothy have a futuristic vision that is enabled by their beliefs, drive and passion to meet the needs of their students and wider community. In touring classrooms at all year levels it is clear that the 'rubber hits the road' and what is shared in concept, lives in practice.
I believe the positive results that have come out of the research within the school need to be shared widely. We have much to learn from the courageous use of e learning and the positive impact it has on student engagement and learning.
Hats off to what you have been doing, you are leading a legacy. I feel humbled by experiencing such greatness!


Manaiakalani said...

Aw shucks :) Thanks very much for your generous comments Sarah. It was great to see you and spend some time, fleeting as it was. Sometimes think we should organise a group of folk such as you to come and have 'the tour' but then sit down and chew the fat together afterwards. Feedback/forward, exchange ideas. Then maybe reverse the visit.
With all the visiting groups you host you may well share my regret that they go off to lunch or dinner together but we would like to join them and benefit from their thinking!!

Sarah Martin said...

Not generous comments, very much deserved! We have processed since the visit in a few forums and has certainly stirred even more questions. Looking forward to dialoguing some more real soon.