Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mobile Technology

I have returned from a fun afternoon setting my two nephews (one 5 and the other 7) up with their first ipod. After downloading itunes and setting up an account we were away searching for free aps. After several minutes there were at least ten aps that the boys took to without any tuition. I watched with interest for the next hour or so as they took turns to explore the chosen educational and recreational aps.
As they had e books read to them and touched individual words for the word to be repeated, I witnessed just how powerful this tool could be for learning both inside and outside the classroom.
I will continue to watch with interest over the next few weeks to see if this engagement sustains. How long will their interest in certain aps last? When will they be hungry for more or different? Will it develop interests otherwise not discovered?

A considerable amount of money can be spent on having the desired e learning tools, what amazes me that we continue to spend without researching the tools impact on student outcomes. There is a need to research and gather evidence to measure the impact such tools have on student learning. Interested to capture some during this wee trial with my nephews. What this space!

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