Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thank goodness for the video camera on the iphone!

Having the phone in the back pocket has been incredibly handy on more than one occasion today. Would you believe it Nan and Aunty were in charge of one family of three today and boy number 2 scores his first goal of the session. Mum and Dad weren't there but we have the evidence! Am sure his arms were in the air for more than a minute in shear glory he had scored. Captured first hand on the iphone!
I set the 5 year old up on the mac to write his own book. Dragged a few movies and pictures of him into keynote and away he went. He was hooked for the next hour sounding out words and writing his own story and stopping to read it to anyone interested in listening.
Had a blast tonight when all 6 cousins came together at Nans for dinner. The music was turned up after dinner for all to reveal their best moves! Must admit we have some real groovers amongst us. Out came the iphone to capture the moment. The interesting thing was when I showed the 3 year old just how groovy she was she was mesmerized watching herself as the movie was played back. I wonder what she was really thinking?
Loving trying out how different technologies might be used on my nieces and nephews. One thing I am learning is it's in them, intuitive and you don't need to show them much before they start teaching you!

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Fletchspeak said...

Yep m'lady I am the same - I trial the new stuff on my Grand- children. But how smart is this? Are we not thinking of the future beyond - not what matters now. As really smart thinking leaders in education this is what we should be doing. Sarah you are on to it - well done. The future in so so far as educational leadership is in good hands.Thank God!