Sunday, July 25, 2010

In Praise of Slow

Following a visit to Baverstock Oaks School, Mary suggested a good read for the team might be In Praise of Slow. I did some googling to see where we might purchase it and came across this Ted Talk by the author himself. Well worth the watch to see how we might take the messages into our work and life.


SusanR said...

Sarah I am absolutely delighted to have at last found your blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this √Źn Praise of Slow" talk while enjoying a "slow"moment, watching my grand-daughter sleep. Very challenging and absolutely on the button for me personally and professionally.
I cannot wait to hear more of how you are applying it and will be playing it to my Values in Action team very soon and asking them to meditate and dialogue on how we might apply it to our personal and professional lives. My intuition tells me that, quite literally, our lives depend on it! Thank you for sharing it. Susan R

Karyn T said...

You should try and dig up a poem by Brian Pattern from 'notes to the hurryning man.' I can't find it printed online but it has been stuck in my mind since I was a teenager.This is unlikly to be correct as it's from memory but I thought I'd share!

All day, I sit here doing nothing,
But watching how at daybreak,
birds fly out and return
no fatter when it's over,
Yet hurrying about this room
you would have me do something similar,
Would have me make myself a place,
in that sad traffic you call a world.
Don't hurry me into it.
Offer no excuses, no apologies.
Until their brains snap open,
I have no love for those
who rush about it's mad business,
put their children on a starting line and push
into christ knows what madness.
If all slow things are useless,
and take no active part in,
nor justify your ignorance,
that's fine...
but why bother screaming after me?
Afraid perhaps, in case you find,
into some slow and glowing countryside yourself escaping.
You will not listen.
"Work at life!" you scream!
And working, I see you rushing everywhere,
So fast, most times you ignore
two quarters of your half a world.
Be quieter, I really do need to escape.
Take the route that you might take,
if ever this hurrying were over.

Hope you are well my friend! I hope that cereal's getting!