Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Demonstrating Shift

We have been thinking about how we might best capture and show shift happening in areas that we value highly but haven't traditionally measured.  We are not sure if the conversation should be about measuring or showing growth in these areas.  Google sites are a powerful environment to bring together both 3D and 2D artifacts to capture a rich picture of growth and shift happening in students understanding.

Here is a screen shot of the different ways our teachers are starting to record and share the shifts that are occurring in our learners acquisition of universal understandings.  As you can see - a video can be embedded to value student voice as an evidence stream.  A child's piece of writing can be easily embedded from google docs and teachers annotation used to pull the threads together.  Survey data again is used to make the picture richer.

It was great to walk in on a team of teachers one afternoon listening to students voice and analyzing together where the child was and what their next step might be?  This depth of analysis to inform future teaching was a delight to see, the level of teacher collaboration a great reminder that many minds are more effective than just one. 

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