Thursday, April 23, 2009

Creating Wonderment and Awe

What a fun day I have had.  I joined colleagues to attend the Primary Science Conference today at Auckland University.  'Active learning: Science talk from the classroom to the dinner table'  The theme of the day has been very much about how to create talk around Wow! experiences.  How do we lead into science learning without 'filling in tables and following instructions?'  Many ideas and practical experiences have been presented as a motivating hook for stimulating questions, thinking and talk.
The use of Concept Cartoons (example above) was shared as a great way of engaging students in their own thoughts and explanations.
Steve Spangler - a must see website, certainly makes one go Wow!
I had great delight after the conference popping around to my sisters to show my niece and nephews how bubbles could be bounced when wearing gloves.  The amazement on their faces was priceless.  As I gave them time to play and explore the questions started coming!  The investigating was well under way.
Looking forward to tomorrows session - more on this then


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