Sunday, April 26, 2009

One said 'Wisdom'

How refreshing today as I was striding around the neighbour on an afternoon walk I bumped into a past secondary school teacher.  It was lovely catching up after so many years.  As we are both in education the conversation soon led there!  We talked about how so much in education tends to over complicate matters.  We agreed that sound practice is common sense.  I then shared that simply there are 4 things we want students to be equipped with in our primary school environment.  He asked what are those 4 things?  I said we want students to; 
  • Know what to do when they don't know what to do
  • Know how to learn on their own (be literate)
  • Be able to relate and connect with others and the world
  • Have a process that helps them problem solve, answer questions and investigate.
My previous teacher said 'that's wisdom'.  Such a statement took me back - hence caused this blog entry.
These four holistic outcomes are very much based on the School's Vision.  They form a clear direction or what some might term an 'end in mind'.  It is far easier to plan strategically to ensure such outcomes are achieved when you are realistic, context specific (what's appropriate for a primary school environment) and that the outcome is manageable and achievable.  

Lovely bumping into you today Mr Mac - Teachers do make a difference!

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About Team Two said...

It is so wonderful to read your blog. I always find your thoughts and words inspiring. It is refreshing to hear someone speak their mind and pracice what they preach. A magnificent blog Sarah!