Monday, April 6, 2009

Leadership Change

What brings about change in someone's leadership?  Generally speaking people who move into leadership positions have been identified as effective classroom teachers.  Historically feedback such individuals  received as classroom teachers was affirming and positive.   They have typically achieved success by climbing the leadership ladder.  How do you give feedback to colleagues in leadership positions that does indeed cause reflection, challenge the way in which one does things and is rigorous?  
What feedback as a leaders have you in-turn  received that indeed goes beyond the 'stroke' and critically challenges ones thinking?  
How can such feedback mechanisms for developing teacher effectiveness be introduce at a leadership level.  What tools or strategies provide a springboard to 'reflective dialogue that moves leadership practice forward?
I was pleased to hear recently from a fellow colleague that the leadership matrix (previous blog entry) formed a basis for such dialogue to happen with her leadership buddy.  I think we have a long way to go however great to have a framework to trigger thought and reflection on ones leadership practice.

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