Thursday, June 25, 2009

Student Led Conferences - Feedback

What fun I have had interviewing students, parents and teachers about our recent first go at student led conferences. The feedback has been incredibly positive. Some of the themes coming through from the feedback so far is

  • It's great to have more time, you are not in such a hurry

  • Parents said I now understand more about what my child actually does in class.

  • Students said - it's better when the teacher is not there because it makes you take more ownership, I actually know where I am at in my learning.

  • Teacher's said they were amazed at how their students took responsibility and worked from an agenda rather than a script. Science experiments were on some classes agendas

I have been reflecting since about what I observed and heard. The process seemed so much more natural. Such a strategy I believe does enable students to step up and talk about how they are going in their learning, and what their next learning steps are. Surely when students are in the driving seat of their learning it is more empowering and motivating for them. I am looking forward to debriefing further with our teachers to analyse the feedback and critique what went well and what needs improving.

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