Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Does What We Value Get Assessed?

There is a positive shift and move towards a broader notion of intelligence - or put in another way what equates to success or being successful.  The OECD research and feedback has influenced   the inclusion of the five key competencies in the recently redrafted NZ curriculum.  A welcomed change some would agree.
How can we communicate a more holistic picture of a students learning?  How do we richly show growth in areas of competency to acknowledge and share a broader view of achievement?
Secondly how do we get teachers to value assessments in areas such as 'Managing self' as much as they value doing a reading probe or numeracy snapshot.  What do we abandon to make this task manageable and realistic?
How do we collect such qualitative data?  How can we work smart around collecting reliable, valid and timely data in areas of competency?
Many more questions than answers as you can see.
The end point is to present and communicate a far more balanced assessment picture of student achievements to learners themselves and their parents.  That is valuing the traditional achievement results in core literacy areas and secondly sharing the learning capacity of the individual.

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