Monday, March 16, 2009

Teaching Strategies = Learning Retention

The following triangle model has been reproduced in various formats.  Source is National Training Institute - Bethel and Maine.   The essence of what it represents is significant in informing what should be going on in classrooms.  Students can spend quite some time sitting on the mat watching and listening.  How do we intentionally increase teacher modeling time to increase student participation through opportunities to 'discuss' with a neighbour or provide opportunities for small groups to 'teach each other'.  As you can see from the model retention rates increase significantly the more the student is an active participant rather than a passive observer.  
What percentage of a learners day is spent where on this triangle?
How can one's instruction be modified to increase the learning potential in the classroom by teacher predominantly in the bottom part of the child.  
It resonates with what we believe around locus of control - the more the student is in the driving seat the more the student owns the process and the more powerful the learning. 
Keen to ponder on this some more.  Your thoughts?

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