Monday, March 30, 2009

Open Wings

I continue to be delighted every day as our vision concept of 'empowerment' begins to be realised.  The five year old who suggests that the corner school sign should say 'Have a happy weekend' suggests that it ok to put ideas forward.  I spoke to a parent this afternoon before the bell rang at 3.00pm,  she had great delight in telling me what her 7 year old daughter had to say about self talk.  'Mum today when my group was talking next to me I self talked to tell myself to keep focused on my learning and don't get distracted by them'.  How wonderful to think that students are being intentionally and explicitly taught strategies to encourage ownership in learning.  
As I walked on through to a year 6 class they proudly showed me the s-t-r-e-t-c-h poster they have been creating to help ensure the right kind of stretch is happening for the in their learning.  H = hard, S = simple and e in the middle = exactly right.  It continues to fascinate me just how 'on the button' kids are when we give them the opportunity.
Teaching learners explicitly about learning to learn strategies and constantly giving teacher permission to take time to have rich and deep learning conversations are key strategies in ensuring learning is our organizations CORE BUSINESS.
It is so refreshing to slow down and listen to the influential voices (students, teachers and parents).  Let the 'voice be heard from the floor'.  I was influences by a well respected colleague today he said 'change needs to happen from the floor'.  I tend to agree

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