Saturday, July 18, 2009

Curriculum Connections Conference - Positive Energy

I had a most enjoyable day on Thursday. It was the Learning Networks two day conference on our new curriculum document. Julia Atkin asked for the audience to indicate how they felt towards the new document. The response was overwhelming positive. I have heard a number of international speakers now recognize just how good our curriculum is. I believe the real reason for this that for the first time we have a clearly articulated educative vision or purpose if you like. What is at the heart of the document is a vision for how students will be. Connected, confident Life Long Learners etc. The key competencies are a key enabler to ensuring that this vision is achieved. We can not do more of the same and assume that students will leave prepared for their future. The key competencies need not to be seen as an add on, rather integral and central to how learning and teaching should occur.
It was heartening talking to participants about the journey's different schools are on to address the essence of the NZ curriculum. Was is most refreshing about attending such days is being about to collaborate and share. I think we have a long way to go in NZ around sincerely sharing together and taking away the competitive edge that seems to hang over our organisations at times. Thanks Learning Network for a brilliant day - thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and opportunity to dialogue with colleagues.

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