Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reflection - Head space to think!

How refreshing to be on holiday and take time to smell the roses. Its amazing the thoughts that come to one self when you give it time. Amazing how the creative juices start to flow and big picture thinking comes back into play. I have recently returned from 4 days at the family bach, in the middle of no where! No cell phone coverage - no internet, no blogging, just the wild west coast - miles of beach and time to think. Even after a few short days I feel energised and keen to strategise about where to next for the rest of this year. I guess the learning from this one is why leave it so long inbetween trips to the bach? No excuses just got to make time. Time is what generates ones best thoughts.

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Guilty Mother said...

It's surprising how quickly your head fills with clutter. Much of it is important but at the same time much of it can be let go. It's incredible what a long walk on the beach (esp on a blustery day as Pooh would say) can do for your mindset.