Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just Do It Approach

I returned to work on Wednesday from a 2 day course on achieving a 'break through' in balancing your career and life. I can't believe how smoothly the last 2 days have run and how much I have achieved as a result of implementing many of the principles we were presented with in the 2 days. On reflection I have found myself just getting on and 'doing it'. It is amazing how ones head can get incredibly cluttered trying to remember a how pile of things and how the piles of paper on ones desk constantly distract. There is no room for procrastination in this approach. I am finding the disciplined approach in how one should tackle the never ending tasks and relentless nature of the job totally through a new lens. As my PA said the other day (she came to day 2) it's like your glasses have been cleaned properly and you see things differently.

Am looking forward to having both a satisfying life and career. Well worth the two day investment. Visit for more info

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Karyn T said...

It sounds inspiring my friend! I think we could all use 'our glasses being cleaned to see things a bit clearer.' I look forward to having some dialogue on this with you in person in the near future. You certainly should be looking forward to your 'satisfying life and career.'You are already off to such an incredible start.Just looked at your wacky hair day picture on the 'Zambia' blog. 100% buy in as always...part of what makes you so totally brilliant!