Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DK talking about MEDIASNACKERS

Loved this image DK shared with us - he said replace the word business with schools!
How Social Media has Changed the Game!
It's all the funky stuff you can do online that you couldn't do before - web 2.0 etc.
One of the biggest barriers is the fear out there about it all. It's not inherently bad - it's what you do with it, you are in control. Whenever, Where ever, Whatever
"The world has changed and it's not turning back!"
What's the learning outcome now if it's not knowledge due to the birth of wikipedia etc?
Our 19 years olds don't live without blogger, flicker, skype, twitter, social networking etc.
DK shared 'Kids are tooled for involvement - have the phone, MP3 player, Internet' Let's get them out and use them.
Using the tools to show rather than tell people - use of mobile phones to capture images, narrate and publish.
What are people doing online? Are they Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators, Inactives?
The web makes me feel ...
Fascinating to view how kids responded to this question - check out the summary on the website link.
The unfinished Swan - take a look at this creative play on gaming.


DK said...

Many thanks for the coverage here :-)

Wondered if I could be a pain and just request you link to the main site (as the pdf which is housed on the other link is mainly for the conference delegates and out of context it’s a little confusing and won’t make us look good).

Appreciated again and enjoy the rest of the conference.

Sarah Martin said...

Link fixed. Really enjoyed your session. The time line fascinating, it illustrated just how much we are a part of exponential times. Things are evolving, changing, growing and being adapted continuously and at amazing speed.