Thursday, October 29, 2009

Red Beach School Conference - Great Buzz

What a thrill to share with delegates yesterday from near and far. We had over 100 attendees who asked great questions, talked to our students and heard about the journey we have been on since the beginning of 2005. As we shared in the initial address we by no means believe we have all the answers, rather we saw the day as an opportunity to share in the highs and lows of our own journey. We too feel privileged to have talked and visited many colleagues and shared in others journeys too. We felt it was our turn to give back and contribute to the greater good of education and continue the dialogue and debate.

For any conference participants - this link takes you to the
Powerful Learning Presentation
Teacher Effectiveness Presentation

Look forward to continuing the dialogue.


Amelia said...

Thanks for providing those Sarah, the conference was inspiring and gave lots of food for thought!

Fletchspeak said...

A fabulous conference - very professionally organised. Well done & thanks for the presentation link. Much appreciated. keep up the inspiring work

Sarah Martin said...

Thanks for your kind feedback, much appreciated. Thinking about what we could do differently if there was a next time. Always enjoy your questions Dave