Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Red Beach School Conference

Thrilled to hear this evening as I left school that 61 people are booked in to attend our first conference. Shirley is doing a stunning job of coordinating and organising this event. It shows just how much we are willing to learn from one another across the education sector.
Have been thinking about how we could use a similar model with sharing what we are doing with our parent community. Wouldn't it be great to present to our community why we are headed in the direction we are headed in and then provide parents with a variety of breakouts where they could select areas of interest. Holding a conference during school hours has the added bonus of talking about what we do and then getting parents into classes to see it in action.
Like many schools we are always thinking about ways of informing parents about what we are doing. The reality is, it is different to how we were educated.


Manaiakalani said...

This is a great idea and we wish you all the best with the conference. It is a wonderful model for a conference. I think your idea of offering it to the parents is fabulous. I will watch with interest to see if you persue that one.

stacey1 said...

Thank you Sarah and the team you worked with today at the conference. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was thankful for the way you all so freely shared your stories, knowledge and collective wisdom. Thank you for continuing to share via your blog and thru' e-mail. I will certainly be bookmarking your blog for future inspiration.
Lesley Dodd Pekerau School Te Awamutu